About us

After years in Management Consulting we have experienced the industry and customer needs evolve over decadesMajor technological developments have changed the way we work and the pace of change itselfAlthough Management Consulting firms are often at the cutting edge when selling new solutions, the fundamentals of how these companies do business has not changed in a century

Management Consulting services from the big companies are mostly available to senior mangers in large companiesThe business development process is slow and costly on both consulting and customer sidesIt can take months from the time an employee requests support until help is at hand

Our statement

Leveraging digital technologies, we want to cut through the layers of costly administration and put the person who needs help, directly in contact with a person who can help in a fast, simple and flexible wayAccess a marketplace where you can find and book a Management Consultant right away

With a digital solution and virtual working, the benefit of a worldwide network of true experts is at your fingertips

The people behind

Andre Schwaninger

Leveraging his 20yrs multinational management consulting & digital business model experience, Andre is a former Managing Director management consultant with international experience in Energy, Utilities, Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, High Tech, and Automotive-Industries.

Simone Schwaninger

As a former co-founder of a global media-backed internet venture in early 2000 and as an entrepreneur in the recruiting, coaching and consulting industry Simone leverages her broad experience for advisorybay. She is passionate about introducing other professional women to the advisorybay consulting network as we can address a lot of their needs.