HR: 2021


Remote Working

Virtual Leadership

Hybrid Working

Employee Value Proposition

Are NisjaCreated on: 28 Jan 2021
HR: 2021
Adapting HR for a post pandemic world.

To our HR community:

You made it through 2020 with COVID workarounds for employees and business operations.

What is your long game to make these quick fixes more permanent? How can you regain control of your workforce and operations in order to:

  • Come out as a winner with a post-COVID employee value proposition
  • Embed effective remote/hybrid working
  • Secure Virtual Leadership

At advisorybay, our senior former Head HR’s and Management Consultants will help you:

  • Review your employee value proposition and provide recommendations on talent management in a world where flexibility is more important than money
  • Define and build the right competencies for employees to work effectively and leaders to lead in a virtual world
  • Digitize your processes so they can continue to operate in the new normal

Get in touch if you need an experienced hand to guide you through these difficult times.