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Are NisjaCreated on: 10 Jan 2020
Open for business
advisorybay is open for business. Getting top experts has never been this easy.

Hello Business Community,

Have a business challenge? Get an experienced expert within hours.

We are here. Open for business. You can now get an experienced management consultant or business expert on our global, digital marketplace to start working on your business challenge within hours. Never before has it been so easy to get experienced and qualified help.

Fully digitized approach: search, find, contact, book, work, sign-off, invoice and pay, all in one place.

Our experienced business professionals have backgrounds from top management consulting firms and/or a long and successful track record in business. 

Example of offerings that you can buy off the shelf:

Offering example: Workforce Management Software Selection Planning delivered in 3 days by an expert with over 25 years’ experience.

Offering example: Pick the brain of an expert with 30 years’ experience in Sales Force Optimization before you set out on your sales force transformation. Booked by the hour.

Offering example: 5-day assessment of your business model to determine Know your Customer needs by a FinTech expert.

Offering example: 5 days assessment of your corporate innovation approach by a senior incubator manager and chief experience officer with over 15 years’ experience

Offering example: Independent Market Risk Assessment for a financial institution performed in 5 days by an international banking expert

Offering example: Need to turn your project around? How about a 5-day Project Review and Recommendations from a senior management consultant with over 20 years’ experience?

Do you have a business challenge and need fast support from someone who has tackled similar topics in the past? Getting qualified help has never been this easy.

Join us in the digital revolution of how business problems are solved!