We are live - calling consultants & experts








advisorybay core teamCreated on: 16 Sep 2019
We are live - calling consultants & experts
Management Consulting 4.0 – Global marketplace providing access to top talent with the click of a button and pay as you go.


We are proud to announce Phase 1 Go-Live of www.advisorybay.com our global digital marketplace for management consulting services. Check our video how it works.

Our mission: Provide professionals direct access to top consultants and experts around the globe to solve their business problems in a fast & smart way. Get rid of middlemen, gatekeepers and complexity - get down to business!

We are open for free registration and are calling all talented Management Consultants and Experts to register and join us for the revolution of Management Consulting.

Register for free - Consultants & experts join us: www.advisorybay.com/login

Bring your friend. We have an attractive referral program, once you are registered.

See how it works: www.advisorybay.com/how-it-works-video

As a Management Consultants: What is in for you to join our marketplace:
  • Grow your business and customer network with a global market access where customers come to you.
  • Capitalize your spare capacity by picking up extra projects, large or small. Grow your engagement as flexibly as you want.
  • You are in charge to set your market rate and we will make sure our service fee is small. This way, you will always receive a lion’s share.
  • Seamless integration of contracting, payment and reporting processes. No one likes admin, so let’s make it simple.
As a Business Professionals searching for help: What are the benefits of using our marketplace:
  • Access to a global market of top advisors for everyone, big or small.
  • Completely flexible, start with as little as 1 hour, then pay as you go. Work only commence when you say so and payment only happens when you have signed the work off. You can have it your way and its ok to change your mind as work evolves.
  • You can find your expert, book and start work in less than a day. If you need help right away, there is no better place than advisorybay.
  • One simple way to manage your project. You can direct your consultant, monitor progress, review documentation or communication and, sign-off work in our simple Work Organizer. 

Special thanks for their support on our journey go to: Pascal Matthys (priceless real live entrepreneur guidance), Chris Coleridge (entrepreneurship insights & tools), Karl Saynour (massive tech & UX/UI experience), Tiberius Fustos (Tech approach & connecting us to our tech-team), Lucian CiotVlad Tomsa, Remus Golgot (our transsilvanian tech heros), Sean Jadoon (master in UX challenger), Hartmut Hörner (business minded legal advice), Joshua Baumann (Swiss regulatory advice), Many more business & fellows testing our platform (Felipe, Glyn, Helen, Robert, William). 

We will inform you on our journey to Phase 2 = Full commercial go live coming soon.